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About Northern Insulation

Retro Insulation for Your Home can save you 50% or more on your yearly heating and cooling costs. Don't let another winter of high heating costs affect you and your family. Why Insulate Today Protect your family from the rising costs of oil and electricity. Make your home warmer in the Winter and cooler in the Summer. Highest and quickest return on your investment.

Northern Insulation Contractor in New Hampshire Jeff Bangs, Owner

Why us

We Are Local

We are a locally owned and operated home insulation contractor in Lancaster New Hampshire and we specialize in insulation installation. "I am so sure that you will see results that I guarantee our work against settling for the entire time you own your home." Jeff Bangs - Owner and Retro Insulation Specialist

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency starts with excellent home insulation to help keep your house cool on hot days and warm on cold days. Insulation helps promote energy savings and lower utility bills by requiring you to use less for the same level of comfort.

We'll Save You Money

How much money can you save installing more insulation? For a general idea on how much you could save on your utility bills by increasing your insulation use this savings calculator.

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